Marr and Melton Wood Action Group

On Wednesday 27th September 2006, Banks Developments unveiled a plan to construct between four and seven 125m wind turbines on green-belt farm land opposite the village of Marr in South Yorkshire. This blog will chart the progress of the local movement as it fights to oppose the scheme.

18 October 2006

Ramblers Association

I spoke with the Ramblers Association today and they confirmed their general opposition to wind farm developments. They pointed me towards their local groups for specific comment and potential support against the Marr Wind Farm. I also copy below text from an e-mail from them:

'Thanks for your call regarding the Ramblers' Association position on windfarms. Our policy is to oppose industrial scale developments that have a negative visual impact on the countryside. We are campaigning for reform of the Renewables Obligation, the government subsidy which has promoted on-shore wind at the expense of other, less intrusive renewable energy technology. We also work with others to promote energy efficiency and demand management as the best way to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change. You can find more detail on our website at'

16 October 2006

Planning References

See opposite a new section added on Planning Links. So far this contains links to:

  • Government Planning Policy Statement 22 - Renewable Energy
  • Government Planning Policy Statement 7 - Sustainable Development in Rural Areas
  • The Doncaster Unitary Development Plan (see Chapter 5, Environment and in particular paragraphs 5.80 to 5.83, and policies ENV17 and ENV18)
  • Doncaster Planning Committee Minutes/Agenda's (in particular, see minutes for 19th Sep - Wind Farm planning applications)

UK Noise Association

Have issued a report recommending that Wind Farms should not be sited within 1 mile of a residential development. By my reckoning, the nearest turbine would be 1/2 mile from Marr, all fall within a 1 mile radius of either Marr, Barnburgh or High Melton.

Check out the full statement from the UKNA (see Links)

Thorne & District Wind Farm Advisory Group

Check out the TDWAG web-site, a useful source of information related to the campaign being run against the Tween Bridge proposal.

Campaign for the Protection of Rural England

I spoke to the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) today and received some very good advice regards the planning process and current state of affairs with wind farm developments in the UK. CPRE remain neutral on the subject until they have been able to perform their own assessment for a specific site (which will happen in due course). They were aware of the Marr proposal and were knowledgeable about the area having been involved in a number of other schemes locally.

Lots of additional information on the CPRE web-site (added to links opposite).

14 October 2006

Knowledge Base

Thanks to the very first person to post a comment and provide a link to a useful source of information regards the effects of Wind Farms. Keep the information coming and I will add useful sites to the links shown opposite.

Banks - a branch in every village?

Details of the proposed Marr Wind Farm development can be found at:

Have a browse around their site to see what else they are doing. I'm told that Banks were also behind the proposal for an open cast mining project between Mexborough and Harlington and the following link highlights their involvement in a landfill project at the old Thorpe Marsh Power Station:

Ready for Action

On Thursday 12th October, residents of Marr met to discuss the proposal to construct a Wind Farm on green-belt farm-land opposite their village. They voted unanimously to object to the proposal, shared their collective concerns and resolved to raise awareness with others in the local area. Further details to follow. In the meantime - this blog is open for comments!