Marr and Melton Wood Action Group

On Wednesday 27th September 2006, Banks Developments unveiled a plan to construct between four and seven 125m wind turbines on green-belt farm land opposite the village of Marr in South Yorkshire. This blog will chart the progress of the local movement as it fights to oppose the scheme.

15 January 2008

The End

Just to complete the story - the action group pursued the fight by:

- making an official complaint to Doncaster Council regards the manner in which the planning application was processed
- made a similar complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman - who responded that there was no case to answer
- requested that Doncaster Council take into account a specific list of recommendations from local residents when imposing planning restrictions on Banks - no response received

You will probably have seen that Banks have erected an anemometer on the site. No doubt that the turbines are currently being manufactured and site clearance will begin in the spring.