Marr and Melton Wood Action Group

On Wednesday 27th September 2006, Banks Developments unveiled a plan to construct between four and seven 125m wind turbines on green-belt farm land opposite the village of Marr in South Yorkshire. This blog will chart the progress of the local movement as it fights to oppose the scheme.

18 April 2010

It's about to start.

The work to install the high voltage feed into the electrical grid is underway. The bridleway down St.Helens Lane has been closed for a number of weeks and Barnburgh Lane, between Barnburgh and Goldthorpe will be closed for 10 weeks. More disruption then over the summer, with further road closures in Barnburgh and along Hangmanstone Lane, as the two ends are linked together. With this progressing, it is safe to assume that site works will commence shortly.


One year on and no turbines in place. There has been very little activity on site, save for the erection of 4 wooden marker posts where the towers will eventually sit. I suspect that the manufacture of the turbines is taking longer than expected and that demand is high at the moment, so Banks have been canny in at least marking out the plots so that they can declare that they have started on-site. My guess is that we will see progress in the Spring/Summer of '09. In the meantime, we will continue to cherish the beauty of the area - while it remains unspoilt.